Jobs in Rotterdam and across Europe

For work in the oil & gas industry: Arrowflex Technique

Ready for a new challenge in the technical industry? Arrowflex Technique in Rotterdam is a recruitment agency for all qualification levels. Our clients are active throughout Europe, so our vacancies also include opportunities for adventures abroad. We specialise in the production, construction, metal and oil & gas industries.


Are you looking for the right candidate for your vacancy? We have a large database of flexible candidates who have mastered their professions.

Primarily a recruitment agency, Arrowflex can also take on your company's recruitment and selection, payrolling or secondment activities.
See our database for personnel of all qualification levels, from lower technical school to university.

Arrowflex's services

Temporary staffing
Arrowflex posts temporary staff to positions in a wide range of professions in various branches. We provide carefully selected qualified personnel with the experience and background you need.

Recruitment and selection
Recruitment and selection is a time-consuming task that Arrowflex Technique is happy to take on for you. We find the right candidate, whether it be for a permanent or temporary position.

Our broad involvement in the market and our long-standing relationships with many of our clients means we are ideally positioned for secondment activities.

You can have Arrowflex Technique take remuneration and personnel administration off your hands, while leaving the recruitment and selection to you.

Arrowflex Norway

The employers who turn to us with vacancies are located throughout Europe and Arrowflex has therefore also established a branch in Norway. Arrowflex Norway is a specialist in posting technical personnel to positions and primarily has vacancies in the oil & gas, shipbuilding, petrochemical and construction industries.

We work closely with our customers to identify the precise qualifications and experience required for each vacancy. We also ensure that the candidate's qualifications are a close fit not only with the position but also the employer's company culture.