Your adventure starts here…

Your expertise is needed in the offshore industry! Excellent compensation, lots of free time, and being part of an international team on a drilling rig located in the North Sea. All just a helicopter flight away from home! We take job satisfaction very seriously. Find out what opportunities we have waiting for you!

What you’ll experience…

Good salary & benefits

We offer an excellent compensation, for just two weeks of work a month. But most importantly, we take good care of our Arrowflex family when it comes to housing, training and other challenges you might have.

Work hard, play hard

Arrowflex is your connection to finally having that work/life balance you’ve always wanted. You will work for two weeks offshore on a drilling rig followed by two weeks off at home to spend your time with friends and family. 

Never a dull moment

Your shift kicks off with a helicopter flight to a drilling rig located in the North Sea. You will work together with an international team for two weeks. An unique experience that gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make friends for life!

We’ve got your back

Arrowflex will provide the courses and new hire training needed for the job. We ask you to be commited, responsible, disciplined and above all to have a sense of humor and a friendly attitude. In 2-4 weeks you will be flying out offshore!

Ready to work

Don’t miss out and take this unique work opportunity! Every education level can start with us right away. We will provide the training you need. So take that first step today!

Safety first

The offshore drilling industry is very commited to environmental, health and safety excellence. No job is so important that it cannot be done safely. We strive for an accident free culture.  

We are all about you!

Arrowflex is an employee placement agency that offers jobs at any entry level for the offshore industry. It is our job to get your career going and help you accelerate.

How do we do this? We will provide you with the necessary skills by providing training and courses. This will give you the opportunity to start working offshore in only 2-4 weeks. This jumpstart will be an unique opportunity for you to get your career on track in a very short time.

If you are a real practical go-getter, this job opportunity is just one step away!

Leave your contact details and together we will find out what the perfect job is for you.

Popular jobs

Offshore Operator

No education needed! You will be in charge of assisting the painters with upkeep, repair and maintenance of the drilling rig. Are you hands-on and not afraid to pick up a brush? Get in touch and apply now!

Offshore Painter

Are you a painter looking for adventure who also wants to spend time with family and friends? This is your opportunity! The offshore painter is responsible for the upkeep, repair and maintenance on the drilling rig. Get in touch with us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

Offshore Blaster

Are you familiar or interested in sandblasting? Every paint job starts with the proper preparations, and this is where you come in. We will teach you the skills and give you the proper training and guidance so that you can do a good job offshore.

Does this sound interesting? If so, let us contact you.

Work for our clients

About our clients

Our clients are active in the offshore industry and have a fleet of drilling rigs, ships or wind farms that are located in the North Sea. The rigs and wind farms need to be properly maintained to stay in good shape. But most importantly, to remain safe so our clients can focus on their daily operations and don’t have any downtime.

This is where Arrowflex comes in. We deliver the hands-on team of professionals that will keep things up and running by keeping their fleet in top shape!

Training, tell me more?

Training or scholing might not be on top of your list of favorite things to do. We understand, no worries! The offshore training is very practical and can easily be done. We will help and guide you in this process and make sure that you are well prepared. You will see that after just 2-4 weeks of training you will be ready to start working offshore.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding training, please leave your details at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to discuss your concerns. We’ve got your back!


In a really short time I have met a lot of people. Together we play games or we go to the gym in our free time offshore. My life has changed a lot since I have started working on a drilling rig.
Nabil AlMari
”I like the two weeks off, two weeks work rhythm. This way I have plenty of quality time with my family and friends.
Tom Kersten
“In the last 2 years I have really learned a lot. I followed several courses and trainings. And from having no diploma’s or experience I worked my way up to be a professional Offshore Painter.”
Joan Olsen

Going on adventure while doing what you love

Excellent compensation, paid travel, assistance with accommodations and much more. As an offshore professional, your skills and expertise are in high demand. You will meet new international people, and together you will get the job done!

The personnel facilities on the rigs are excellent. They are equipped with a restaurant with excellent food, a gym, a game room, a washing room and much more. Some of the rigs even have a music room. The bedrooms are often shared. The rooms and beds are clean and washing and shower facilities are available. In short, you will be taken care of during your stay offshore and you will have plenty of fun things to do with your colleagues when not working. But like at home you are responsible for keeping your own room tidy and clean.

After each shift of 2 weeks offshore you will have 2 weeks off. Finally you will have the work/life balance that your always wished for. You will have time to spend with your friends and family and time to devote yourself to all the interests you have.

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This is for you, if you want to:

Earn a great salary
Enjoy lots of free time
Have an adventurous job
Be supported by us throughout your career
Take advantage of an unique career opportunity
Work in a safe work-environment

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